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Omrop Fryslân is a big local news outlet in the Northern part of the Netherlands (Province Friesland). In the television program ‘Noardewyn’ Anna was interviewed about her crowdfunding campaign for her album and videoclip recordings. Willem: “Do you use more electronic music or also live instruments?” Anna: “Well, actually the combination of both because all the electronic stuff I do myself but I add live instruments like guitar, base and drums. And then, because I’m a singer, I record some choirs on it too. So it’s one big mush!”

3voor12 is a multimedia platform for pop music of the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. The local branches of the provinces Utrecht and Gelderland shared Anna’s new release She Blooms on their website. “She Blooms is about a young woman who reinvents and loves herself from the dark. For the soon to be released video of ‘She Blooms’, Anna collaborated with a choreographer and dancer from ArtEz in Arnhem who came up with an emotional dance.” is a Dutch local news website which posted an article about Anna’s debut single ‘Trapped’ and later on for ‘She Blooms’. “Loneliness is a theme that has been a struggle for me for a few years now. During the making process of ‘Trapped’ I was able to challenge myself in these ‘boring’ times of the pandemic. In the videoclip I’ve portrayed the feeling of loneliness with symbolism and metaphors, from my own personal experience.”

Join-Us is a Dutch foundation that tackles loneliness among young people that did a short interview published on Facebook and Instagram. “During the creative process of making Trapped, I came into contact with a lot of new people. It was all very nerve-racking. For example, I reached out to a band to ask if they wanted to make the music for my song, but I almost didn’t dare to call them.”