Anna Spark is a Dutch singer, songwriter, composer, producer and mixer. Her way of songwriting starts with lyrics and a melody which are immediately recorded and electronically composed by herself. Thereafter, she integrates live instruments and vocal harmonies into the mix. Her music sounds cinematic, which can perhaps be explained because she’s also a graduated filmmaker.

What started with childhood playback shows evolved into singing lessons and performances with coaches and bands. She often wrote stories writing dozens of pages and later found storytelling in writing songs with the guitar. Around fifteen, she started digital music composition due to her proficiency in conceptualization over playing instruments.

Driven by a passion to develop her skills, Anna embarked on a diverse array of experiences. From numerous singing lessons, songwriting workshops and personal coaching to studying a year at the Conservatory. Her artistic path meanders through digital music production, songwriting, collaborations, and multidisciplinary projects, reflecting a dynamic and ever-evolving exploration of her musical identity.