Anna Spark is a Dutch singer-songwriter, composer, producer and mixer. She creates stories and sometimes reinforced or connects other art forms with her music. Anna’s signature musical elements are the combination of acoustic instrument with digital sounds and choirs of her own voice. She gets inspiration from alternative indie/pop, r&b and soul. Her music also has something cinematic, which can perhaps be explained because she is also a graduated filmmaker.

Anna’s way of working is immediately recording and producing her ideas. Along the way she re-writes and records stuff again, but there is an interaction between making a composition, writing lyrics and recording the melody and choirs. Through her studies at the Conservatory, Anna has learned a lot in the field of improvisation which helped her with songwriting and live performing. Nevertheless, she has decided to not continue her studies and is working on her first album ‘Mâr Galliti’. The crowdfunding of this project can be found here.